How to Go from Tax Debt to Tax Relief!

In this course you will have the specific tools you need to succeed in overcoming
your tax debt. The course enables you to skip the confusing tax laws, and IRS procedures so you
feel protected and secure with what you are doing. You will go from feeling overwhelmed,
frustrated, and burdened to feeling peace of mind, freedom, and relief. You will be ready to
move on with your life, successfully putting your IRS concerns behind you.

I want to help you, who owe past due taxes to the IRS, to see a
way out for paying them.

My primary focus is to provide you with a step-by-step system that will allow you to do things one step at a time, to settle your taxes for a fraction of what you
owe. You don’t have to face tax delinquency with the IRS alone. This course navigates the IRS for you, step by step, to help you find the best tax relief solution for your personal situation. You will feel less overwhelmed and confidently achieve the amazing results of successfullyputting your IRS concerns behind you.

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Our online based learning platform allows you to study how to best handle your situation. 

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An Automatic Business Has Better Results!

The Ultimate Formula will cover the Offer in Compromise so you can understand how you might be able to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. 
We will walk you through:

 The things you need to know about an OIC
(Offer in Compromise)

The IRS fees for obtaining an OIC

Ways to pay your OIC

How to apply for the OIC

The steps involved for completing the application package

Watch as we showcase how the course works and how you can upgrade to done for you

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